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Insurance Myths of Athens, Ohio

One day at the market a friend asked me one of the more common questions I get regarding insurance myths of Athens, Ohio,

I’ve heard if I buy a little red sports car, my insurance rates will go up?

I wondered why my friend would be in the market for such a thing considering its not very practical for the middle aged construction worker father of 2, but then figured its simple curiosity as I get that question a lot. Its a common insurance myth.

Truth be told the color of your car has no bearing on your rates, but rather the make, model, safety features, ratings and of course your record and demographics are what steers the path of your Athens Ohio car insurance.

Do Red Cars Get Pulled Over More?

There’s an insurance myth running around that is basically… “red sports cars get pulled over more than other color cars.” Now we’ve determined the color of your car lays no bearing on your car insurance premiums, but what about speeding tickets? Well according to the good folks at How Stuff Works… “ It seems that the old line about red cars getting pulled over is just an urban legend that’s gone on for generations.

They go on to say it was used as a deterrent to keep young and inexperienced drivers from being attracted to the flashy colors. Turns out, the color of car that gets pulled over the most? White! Yeah that makes sense I guess.

Stay tuned for more myths…

We’ll be adding more helpful information and tips and myths over time, such as “If your old stuff is destroyed do I get brand new stuff?” and many more. If you have an insurance question, drop us a line anytime as we’d be happy to help direct you to a clear answer.

Image courtesy of Grange Insurance.