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Athens Ohio Life Insurance: Why Bother?

Living in Southeast Ohio brings a certain set of challenges, with high poverty rates and unsettling unemployment statistics, but dying here is no easy feat either. Most people don’t think about death a whole lot, and perhaps that’s for the best, but in some cases it is important to plan on obtaining Athens Ohio life insurance. (Click HERE to get a quote on life insurance for Athens Ohio, also now Logan Ohio!)

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Every life is of course a treasure, and some carry more financial burdens than others. If a single fresh out of Ohio University college kid dies chances are his burden will be little, and require less planning than say a single mother of nine children, who would want to make sure her brood was secure.

100 years old

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Most people begin to think about buying life insurance, particularly in Southeast Ohio in communities such as Logan, Athens, The Plains, Chauncey, Albany and Pomeroy, in their late 20s. Especially when becoming parents, which on some primal level, forces the brain into overdrive in regards to planning for the security of your offspring.

Life Insurance is really actually surprisingly easy to deal with, especially if you are under 50 and can take advantage of “TERM Life Insurance”, which is a simple “pay as you play” method wherein you pay the carrier a flat fee and in return, if you croak, they pay your beneficiary a flat fee. Very simple.

Learn more about the difference between TERM and WHOLE life insurance here:

How do I start the Process?

By giving Brent a call, or filling out our online Athens Ohio Life Insurance Questionnaire, you will have begun the process of securing your family’s future. That way if you are mauled by a bobcat in the hocking hills, beheaded by a football at Peden Stadium, or run over on the Richland Avenue roundabout, at least your friends and family can afford to remember you in style.

Photo by Alex Harvey on Unsplash: My great grandmother is from western Ukraine, went through WWII, and saw a lot. Yet, amazingly, her fierce spirit shows through and mixes with her love for comedy. https://unsplash.com/photos/y0I85D5QKvs