O'Nail-Hartman Insurance

21 South Plains Road, The Plains, OH 45780

Company History

The O’Nail-Hartman Insurance Agency (OHI) is a full-service insurance provider that has been serving Southeastern Ohio since 1964. We take great pride in the fact that a large component of our growth has been derived from the positive personal experiences of our policyholders. While we do advertise in the community, we believe this is our best advertisement.

Bob O’Nail, who founded the business as the O’Nail Insurance Agency in 1964, founded and operated the company until his death in 1974. At that time, Ralph and Peggy (O’Nail) Hartman assumed the reigns and have grown OHI into the thriving business it is today. OHI takes great pride in being exclusively a family-owned business. This tradition remains firmly in place as Brent Hartman is now the third generation owner of the O’Nail Hartman Insurance Agency.

Meet Brent Hartman

Brent Hartman of Athens, Ohio is the owner/operator of O’Nail Insurance, and has been for the last decade. Brent is an Athens, Ohio native who graduated from Athens High School (class of 91), as well as Ohio University. He lives in Athens with his wife Sarah and children, and strives to live by his life motto “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

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