Athens Ohio Homeowner’s Insurance – What Are the Best Policy Options?

So much has changed since the lifestyle portrayed in the sitcoms of the 50’s, but the American dream is still home ownership.  Athens, OH is lucky to be largely immune to the difficulties of the housing market, and many homes are affordable.  It’s truly a great place to live.  If you want to protect your home and property, and enjoy peace of mind, you should purchase a policy from a local homeowner’s insurance agent in Athens, OH.  The O’Nail-Hartman Insurance team has been servicing the insurance needs of central Ohio since 1964.

Why is Homeowners Insurance Important?

When you’re purchasing a home, most lenders will require you to protect your home with homeowners insurance.  Unlike auto insurance, you’re not legally bound to purchase homeowners insurance, though that is not an advisable decision.  Homeowners insurance can protect your home and your belongings inside from a wide range of dangers:

  • Fire
  • Burglary and Robbery
  • Weather damage, including wind, lightning, and damage from snow.

In addition to these types of damages, homeowners insurance can cover injuries sustained by guests or even litigious trespassers who fall victim to an accident on your property.  Protect your assets.  Call O’Nail-Hartman Insurance today.

Athens, Ohio Homeowners Insurance

All lenders require that a financed home be protected.  Policies typically cover damages from fire, weather, and theft for the value of the structure.  Homeowners typically add additional options to policies to cover against flooding, earthquakes, and other damage.

Liability insurance covers claims against a homeowner in the event that someone is injured or faces damages while on the homeowner’s property.  A friend or neighbor may injure him or herself on the property, and they may file a claim or even a lawsuit against the homeowner to cover damages or medical expenses that result.  Homeowners with certain types of dogs, swimming pools, and other features may pay increased premiums.

Contact O’Nail-Hartman to Discuss Your Homeowner’s Insurance Needs

Homeowners insurance can be extraordinarily confusing.  If you’re a first-time homeowner, or upgrading to a larger home, you may need help discussing your many options.  You need the help of an experienced homeowners insurance agent.  The team at O’Nail Hartman Insurance has been serving the homeowners insurance needs of Athens, Ohio for 50 years, and has the knowledge of the central Ohio housing market and various insurance options necessary to cover your needs.  Contact us today for a quote.