Ohio Car Insurance – Comprehensive Coverage Options

Unfortunately, accidents happen.  When you’ve been in an accident in Athens, Ohio, you need an agent that you can trust.  Finding the right policy for your needs and budget can be difficult.  The O’Nail-Hartman Insurance team has been serving Athens Ohio car insurance needs since 1964.

Why You Need Auto Insurance

Each year in America, there are approximately 6 million automobile accidents of varying degree, according to the National Transportation Safety Administration.  If there were no automobile insurance and you were involved in an accident, someone would have to pay for damages, medical bills, and other costs.  According to the NTSB, the average accident comes with a $9,000 price tag.  Accidents that cause injuries could cost nearly $70,000 or more.  A quality insurance policy protects you and your assets from these unexpected and astronomical costs.  That’s why all 50 states require a minimum level of coverage for all drivers.

Athens OH Liability Auto Insurance

Liability insurance is required by Ohio (and every other state) law.  Vehicle liability insurance covers injuries and damages to other people or property, when you’re at fault in an accident.  There are multiple components of a liability policy, including personal damage, which covers damage done to other’s cars or property in an accident.  Bodily injury covers hospital bills, follow-up medical bills, rehabilitation, nursing care, lost earnings, pain & suffering, funeral expenses, and other costs.  You can choose the limits of your liability insurance policy, and determining the correct coverage for your needs is something an experienced insurance professional can assist with.

Athens Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive auto insurance is typically required when you do not own your vehicle.  Most lenders will require you to carry comprehensive coverage in order to be in compliance with your loan.  Comprehensive coverage takes care of your vehicle when it’s damaged in a non-automobile accident.  This can include theft or vandalism, fire, natural disasters such as storms or floods, falling objects, damage caused by animals including deer and birds, and other acts.

Comprehensive coverage comes with a lot of options, and you’ll need an expert to help you choose the right policy for you.  The agents at O’Nail-Hartman has been helping customers in and around Athens, Ohio for 50 years, and would be glad to help you choose the appropriate policy for you.

Contact O’Nail-Hartman to Discuss Your Auto Insurance Needs

Don’t fall victim to cut-rate insurance that will not properly cover you in the event of an accident.  There are hundreds of options out there that can be confusing.  Let the friendly and knowledgeable agents at O’Nail-Hartman Insurance guide you through the complexities of auto insurance in central Ohio.